Principles, Goals, and Missions

In Morocco, responsibility for higher education lies with the Government. It is in charge of its planning, organization, development and regulation according to the country’s economic, social and cultural needs. These needs are set by the Government with the help of the scientific community, the business and working worlds as well as local and regional bodies. Higher education institutions which are either public or private all share the same principles and goals.


  • Respect of Islamic precepts and values;
  • Equal opportunity and access to all citizens meeting the prerequisites;
  • Adherence to human rights, tolerance, freedom of thought, creativity and innovation principles;
  • Compliance with academic rules and values : objectivity, scientific rigor and intellectual honesty;
  • Use of the Arabic language in an increasing number of fields; research on the Amazigh language and culture and the development of tools for its wider use; and mastery of foreign languages.


  • Promote capacity building, expertise and proficiency skills;
  • Disseminate information and knowledge;
  • Be part of the nation’s scientific, technological, professional, economic and cultural growth;
  • Develop science and technology through research and innovation;
  • Promote Morocco’s cultural heritage.


UM5A’S MISSIONS in light of the above principles and goals

  • Strengthen the Islamic and national identity;
  • Provide undergraduate, graduate and continuing education;
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge and culture;
  • Prepare graduates for employment by focusing on experience;
  • Conduct research and technology transfer;
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise;
  • Contribute to the country’s global growth;
  • Develop and spread universal values.