Facts and Figures

Statistics of the Academic year 2013-2014


Academic :


Supervision Administrative and technician staff 874  
Teaching staff 1160 Graduated 2012-2013
Student enrollement Bachlor First year 10475 2240
Total 24073
(University Tehnology Diploma)
First year 535 386
Total 979
Engineering First year 469 489
Total 1443
Master Total 2283  
Ph.D (2012-2013)
Total 4955
Total student enrollment


Distribution of teachers by the last obtained diploma


State Doctorate 609 91,29

Ph.D 57
Doctorate 260 
Graduate Doctorate (Doctorat de 3° cycle) 45 
Diploma of Higher Studies 88 
CEA*/DEA*/DESA*/Master/Agrégation/ Engineer 62 5,34
Bachelor 24 2,07
Others 15 1,29
TOTAL 1160 100,00


* CEA : Certificat des Etudes Approfondies

* DEA : Diplôme des Etudes Approfondies

* DESA : Diplôme des Etudes Supérieures Approfondies


International Cooperation :


1. Multilateral cooperation


Title of multilateral program
Number of projects
Intended or observed impact
TEMPUS 19 (completed or in progress )
26 (submitted)
- Modernization of education and improving its quality;
- Development of human resources.
PCRD (Framework Program for Research & Development ) 43 - Promotion and development of scientific research
VOLUBILIS (Moroccan- French Integrated actions) 15
- Development of mobility in research issue
PMARS (Moroccan-German Program for Scientific Research) 05
- Development of scientific research
- Development of mobility in education and research


2. Bilateral cooperation


Number of agreements
Arab and Islamic countries 28 Iraq, Syria, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Mauritania, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia
Europe 68 Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Ukrainia
Africa 07 Congo, Guinea, Senegal
Asia 33 Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia
Americas 14 Brazil, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile


3. The MVU-A is a member in the following associations and organizations:


- The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) ;
- The International Association of Universities (IAU);
- The Association of African Universities (AAU);
- The Association of Arab Universities (AAU);
- The Consortium of Universities Euro-Mediterranean (Tethys);
- The International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU);
- The Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUMI);
- The Union of Mediterranean Universities (Unimed);
- The Arab Organization for Industrial and Mineral Development;
- The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO);
- The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).