The "Ecole Normale Supérieure" of Rabat (ENS-UM5A) and the African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE) come to formalize their partnership by signing an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation for the implementation of several joint actions including the creation of an international center of excellence for education, research and innovation in solar energy at ENS-UM5A. The signing of this convention was held on Friday, 21/03/2014 at ENS-UM5A in the presence of administrative officials and heads of local structures of training and research.

  • Conference by Prof. Ivan ILCHEV

    Conference by Prof. Ivan ILCHEV


  • Museum of science

    MVU-A president visiting the museum of science in Granada, 04/02/2014

  • The DRAPER Prize

    The  DRAPER Prize



  • UAMU

    Professor Wail Benjelloun, President of the Moroccan Conference of University Presidents and President of MVU-A, addresses the Constituent Assembly of the Union of Arab Maghreb Universities, lanched on 18 February 2014 and hosted by Mohammed I University in Oujda, Morocco

  • SIEL 2014

    MVU-A participates in the International Book and Publishing Fair in Casablanca, from 13 to 23 February 2014.



  • wismeday 2014

    In partnership with the MVU-A and the Faculty of Science of Rabat The AMJG announce the organization of a scientific meeting, 20&21 March 2014, around the theme «Water Information Systems in the Mediterranean Region», which will take place at the Faculty of Sciences Rabat Morocco.


  • hypoges2

    The MVU-A, The Faculty of Sciences and The Team “Mycologie Forestière et Trufficulture”, are pleased to organize from 9th till 13th April 2014 a double event on both hypogeous fungi in the Mediterranean’s basin and Burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum / uncinatum).


  • ACR-2013

    ARC-2013The Third Annual Meeting of the Middle Eastern Association for Cancer Research  : " Cancer Science from Bench to Clinic " : 5-7/12/2013.


  • NCP-2013

    MVU-A wins the first prize in the 3rd edition of the National Competition of University-Business Partnerships, Dakhla 21/11/2013.



    CNP-2013-1    CNP-2013    CNP-2013-1

  • MFM 2013

    MFM-radioThe President on MFM Radio 15 November 2013 to discuss the budget allocated to universities in 2014.

  • Malawi 2013

    malawi-2013The President of the University, received Mr. Hon Lucious Kanyumba Minister of Education, Science and Technology in Malawi, 14/11/2013.

  • Appel à candidatures

    Appel ouvert à candidatures pour les postes :



    Vu la loi organique n°02.12 du 19 juillet 2012 relative à la nomination aux emplois supérieurs et conformément à la loi 01.00 portant organisation de l’Enseignement Supérieur notamment son article 20, le Président de l’Université Mohammed V - Agdal- Rabat porte à la connaissance des Professeurs de l’Enseignement Supérieur qu’un appel à candidatures est ouvert pour les postes :



    Les dossiers de candidature peuvent être retirés au siège de la Présidence de l’Université sis, Avenue des Nations Unies, Agdal- Rabat (bureau n° 10 , 1er étage ) ou à partir du site web de l’Université ( du 11 au 15 Novembre 2013 durant les horaires en vigueur dans les administrations publiques (de 8 h 30 à 16 h 30).

    Les dossiers de candidature dûment constitués sont déposés contre récépissé, en six (06) exemplaires, plus une copie sous format électronique (CD), du 16 au 20 Décembre 2013 inclus à l’adresse et aux horaires sus-indiqués.

  • IFPU 2013

    IFPU-2013 MVU-A participated in the 7th annual meeting of the International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU) which has been hold at  Nankai University, in China 27-29/10/2013.

  • The 3rd session of cultural and educational colloquium between China and Morocco.

    colloque_chine_marocMVU-A participates in the 3rd session of cultural and educational colloquium between China and Morocco, 27/10/2013.

  • International Festival of Song and creating students cast


    International Festival of Song and creating students cast, 26 October 2013 at the Faculty of Sciences.

  • SMI

    Affiche-FF-SMI"La Société Marocaine d’Immunologie " organised in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences  the 5th days of SMI under the theme « l’Immunogénétique au service de la santé»., 7-8/10/2013

  • Ecole d’immunogénétique 2013

    Affiche-immuno."La Société Marocaine d’Immunologie "  organised the First Edition of "l'Ecole d’Immunogénétique", 2-6/10/2013

  • ARCT 2013

    CRAT-2013Mohammed V University-Agdal (UM5A) signed on 27/09/2013, a partnership agreement with African Regional Centre for Technology (ARCT)

  • The "Vice Chancellor's Forum 2013, Universities of Islamic World", Islamabad-Pakistan

    VCF13MVU-A participates in the "Vice Chancellor's Forum 2013, Universities of Islamic World", 23-24/09/2013, Islamabad-Pakistan

  • Registration on campus

    Registration on campus  for the 2013-2014 academic year.

    You can click to download the pre-registration form:

    icon pre-registration form (741.64 kB)

  • AFRA-NEST 2013

    UM5A attended the 1st AFRA-NEST (AFRA-Network for Education of Nuclear Science and Technology) General Assembly on Networking Nuclear Education and Training, 26-30 August 2013, Arusha, Tanzania.


  • Mohammed V University-Agdal goes solar

    goes_solar-2013Mohammed V University-Agdal goes solar.  The first photovoltaic “tree” is installed at the University Teacher’s College (Ecole Normale Supérieure), in a joint research program with Beghelli, SpA.


  • Signing ceremony of a framework agreement for partnership with the University of Tsukuba

    TSUKUBA-2013Signing ceremony of a framework agreement for partnership with the University of Tsukuba, Japon, 24/07/2013.

  • RoBoCoN 2013

    Mohammed V University -Agdal represented Morocco in the International Design Contest: IDC-RoBoCoN 2013 in Sao Paulo (Brazil). This high-level contest, is an opportunity to gather each year several international universities. Each University is represented by four students and an instructor. For 2 weeks, students of participating countries share their lives, engineering knowledge and skills in robotics to stimulate their creativity. Our students demonstrated a high degree of competence. Congratulations to our four competitors:

    • Elias BENFATEH
    • Karim OUBHAT
    • Soufiane BOUSSETA
    • Youssef LAFSSAHI


    This participation puts Morocco among the most advanced countries in robotics. UMVA was selected to host the next edition,

    IDC-RoBoCoN 2014

  • RAR'2013



  • U-RUN

    Mohammed V University-Agdal and Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër league of athletics organize the international road race running “U RUN 2013” on the 16th of June 2013.
    This international meeting will gather world-renowned athletes from different countries, students, teachers, administrative staff, and the wide public.


  • National Dialogue

    DNSC-2013UM5A president participates in the opening ceremony of the National Dialogue of Civil Society and its new constitutional voles, at the Faculty Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences, 15 June 2013

  • Distinction


  • start-up weekend 2013


       Moroccan Association for the Advancement of Computer Engineering (AMPII) and the Faculty of Science, University   Mohammed V Agdal - Rabat, organize a weekend dedicated specifically to startups and innovation 7, 8 and 9 June 2013.


  • All against the tobacco industry

    contre_tabacMohammed V University-Agdal  and the Centre for Studies and Research on Drugs and the Environment celebrates the day of May 31, 2013 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Faculty of
    Law, Economics and Social Sciences.

  • Franco-Moroccan Day

    j_Fr-Ma-2013The president of the University Mohammed V-Agdal participate in the Franco-Moroccan Day to present the results and prospects of scientific cooperation between Morocco and France. Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the Faculty of sciences Rabat.

  • Open call


    Open call for nominations for the post :

    Dean of the Faculty of letters and human sciences

    You can see this "call for nominations" here.

  • Symposium "Cinema and History"

    Symposium_Cinema_HistorySymposium on "Cinema and History", 17, 18 and 19 may 2013 at Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences

  • Annex of Tamesna

    annexe_tamesnaA new annex for Mohammed V University - Agdal in the new urban center at Tamesna.

    The agreement was signed by the Ministers of Higher Education and of Housing and  by the Director of Omran Group and the President of the University, 14 may 2013.

  • Association Grove of Hope

    Founded and chaired by the Scientific Moroccan Oudrhiri Kamal, the American Association Grove of Hope brings each year American scientists for giving conferences and training not only for the benefit of students, university students, but also for the benefit of teachers in Morocco since its creation in 2003. Grove of Hope aims to inspire children and young people through scientific workshops, to train university students in project management, and enhance their professional, technical and leadership capacities. It also organizes training of academic staff in partnership with the best universities of California.

    It is in this context that The American Association Grove of Hope organized in partnership with the Mohammed -V University - Agdal - Rabat conference on:
    "Tradition, Innovation and Academic Excellence" conducted by the Scientific Moroccan Oudrhiri Kamal and two Americans Scientist Anita Sengupta and Paulo Younse, Monday, May 13th, 2013:

    9h00-11h00 at the Mohammedia School of Engineers
    15h30 – 18h30 at the Faculty of Sciences

    The speakers will share their scientific and academic experiences as well as their most recent scientific discoveries of the last tasks performed experiments. They also discuss the importance of innovation in education, management and fulfillment of the projects, and development of the capacities leadership.

    To note that the Moroccan Scientific Oudrhiri Kamal is request by the Moroccan students to give lectures and share his experience since landing Rover "Curiosity" in August 2012 on the planet Mars and the leading role he played as much as Radio Science team leader at NASA, in the monitoring and the success of this mission.


  • forssa-2013

    forssa-2013Mohammed V University-Agdal and the Alliance of Independents organize "FORSSA",the National
    Forum of Public University Careers on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May 2013 at the headquarters of Mohammed V University-Agdal


    NATIONAL WEEK OF THE SCIENCE 2013NATIONAL WEEK OF THE SCIENCE 11 th edition , 25 april-3 may 2013

  • International Student Forum 2013

    forum-etudiantMohammed V University-Agdal participates in the "International Student Forum", at the
    International Fair in Casablanca,25-28 April 2013

  • Kick-off meeting of the project TEMPUS EU-MIL

    image007  The project meeting was organized by the Mohammed V University-Agdal and the University  of Seville.

  • Framework Convention on cooperation


    A Cooperation Framework Convention on cooperation in the field of solar energy...

  • Cooperation agreements with Nova University of Lisbon

    Wail Benjelloun, President of Mohammed V University-Agdal and President of the Moroccan Conference of University Presidents addresses participants at the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements between Nova University of Lisbon and seven Moroccan universities, in the presence of the Moroccan Minister of Higher Education and the Portuguese Ambassador in Rabat.

    April 2013

    conv_Nova_lisbone-4 conv_Nova_lisbone-1
    conv_Nova_lisbone-2 conv_Nova_lisbone-3
  • The International Book and Publishing Fair

    SIEL-2013Moroccan Minister of Culture Amine SBIHI visits the stand of Mohammed V University-Agdal at the International Book and Publishing Fair , in Casablanca, 2nd April 2013.

  • The Awards of Excellence 2013

    image6The annual award ceremony honoring the outstanding students of Mohammed V University-Agdal , Wednesday,march 27,2013.

  • Conference by professor Pavel Hamet

    " individualization of the risk of diabetic nephropathy"

    22 March 2013, 4 PM, Salle des Actes, Faculty of Science, Rabat

  • A sport day


    A sport day was organized by Mohammed V University- Agdal at the athletics annex of Prince Moulay Abdellah sports complex- Rabat on 16 March 2013.


  • Conference by professor SERGE HAROCHE


    serge_haroche On the subject: «Power and strangeness of quantum physics»,

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 18h- Faculty of Science, Avenue  Ibn Battuta- RABAT,

    SERGE HAROCHE, CNRS Gold Medal and Nobel Prize in Physics 2012, French  physicist

  • Conference by professor CEDRIC VILLANI

    cedric_villaniOn the subject: "The seven ingredients of innovative ideas"
    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 18h - Faculty of Science, Avenue Ibn Battuta- RABAT

    CEDRIC VILLANI, Medal Fiels 2010, French mathematician, Director of the Institut Henri Poincaré,

  • Online contest

    Indiafrica launched two calls for participation in online competitions for business plans, creating posters, photography and essay writing. For more details on these calls, please visit: or facebook page:

  • First Master’s project defense at Mohammed V University–Agdal in Abu Dhabi

    these_aboudhabiFirst Master’s project defense at Mohammed V University–Agdal in Abu Dhabi, 20 to 21 June 2012

  • Romano Prodi receives Doctorat Honoris Causa

    1.jpg Mohammed V University-Agdal delivered to Romano Prodi, the special representative of the United Nations Secretary for the Sahel, the highest distinction ‘ the doctorate honoris causa” for the year 2012. From Bologna-Italy, Prodi started his career as a university professor. He was elected twice chief of the Italian government and has also been president for the European Commission.