Arab Youth Summer Camp for Technology & Leadership

 "The Association of Arab Universities (AARU) organises the "Arab Youth Summer Camp for Technology & Leadership" from Aug. 5, 2014 to Aug. 16, 2014 in Amman, Jordan for applying please visit the website: www.joimage.orgou write to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences

- Esperanza Club : Organization of cultural events and conferences for the benefit of UM5A students (Themes related to psychology). Psychological support for children in hospitals, the elderly, etc.
- Ibn Khaldun Club : Organization of cultural events, conferences for the benefit of UM5A (Themes related to sociology).
- Chess Club : Chess practice and participation in contests.
- History Club : Organization of cultural events and conferences for the benefit of UM5A students. (Themes related to history).
- Creative Writing Club : Organization of creative writing workshops.
- Music Club :  Musical training and the organization of musical events
- Theatre Club : Training in theater and the organization of theater events
- Community Service Club : Volunteering in the social and psychological fields.
- Association of Young Researchers in Geography: Organization of cultural events and support for Geography students and researchers at the Department of Geography.

Faculty of Science

- Theater Club: concentration and memory exercises, improvisation techniques, and the preparation of plays
- Astronomy Club : universe observation, conferences, workshops and meetings
- Chess Club : organization of the faculty’s annual tournament, participation in national university tournaments and participation in the Pan-Arab University Games.
- Media and Communications Club (MCW : Journalism, Media and Communication
- Visual Arts Club : painting, drawing and sculpture (workshops, meetings, exhibitions  etc.)
- Music Workshop : music, representation of the Faculty in cultural encounters
- Choir and Singing Club : organization of and participation in cultural/academic events
- Vocal Techniques Club: Voice classes
- Robotics Club : organization of the national robotics competition and participation in national university competitions
- Entrepreneurship Club : coaching, workshops in economics, and trainings in: management,  accounting, tax and marketing
- SIFE : protection of the environment; entrepreneurship and sustainable development;  volunteering and social work

Mohammadia School of Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering Club
- Process Engineering Club
- Mineral Engineering Club
- Electrical Engineering Club
- Civil Engineering Club
- Industrial Engineering Club
- Engineering Modeling and Scientific Information Club
- Computer Engineering Club
- Environment Club
- Sports Club
- Culture Club
- EMI Games Club
- Artistic Club
- Fieldtrip Club
- ROBOT Club
- EMI team Club

School of General Technology

- Sporting Club : Physical activity and sports (football, basketball, handball and volleyball);
- Multimedia Classes : opportunity to discover and manipulate an array audio-visual materials and video editing software ;
- Image Art and Photography Classes : introduction to the different  film and photography techniques;
- Events: Organization of sporting, cultural and artistic events and the opportunity to exchange experiences