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Objectives and Strategy

  • Build strong and lasting partnerships.
  • Develop applied research to territorial needs.
  • Suggest complete services with appropriate solutions.
  • Get used to the characteristics and requirements of the environment.


    • Organization of an annual day of awareness to the creation of innovative companies


First meeting Monday, March 5, 2012, at Mohammadia School of Engineers.

Second meeting Tuesday, March 5, 2013, at the Faculty of Science - Rabat.

  • Introduction and follow up of the Module «INNOVA PROJECT» in favor of UM5A students according to the following schedule:
    - Duration of training from 05-03-2012 to 23-06-2012.
    - Creation of a business plan and establishment of the project.
    - Tools and practical interactive approaches: case studies, computer simulations, video projections.
    - Visits of Companies, show rooms and testimonies of entrepreneurs.
    - Monitoring, Coaching and support by business leaders affiliated to Moroccan associations active in the creation of enterprises.
    - Ceremony of certificates delivery on February 18, 2013.
  • Introduction and follow up of the 'entrepreneurship' in favor of 2nd year PhD students.
  • Organization of  visits in favor of master students within UM5A business partners  to ensure: 
    - Scientific Exchange.
    - Reconciliation between the student and the professional world.
    - Acknowledgement of the practice of human resources management, finance, logistics, communication and production.
  • Planning visits in 2012 :
    -salam gaz - April and November 2012, in favor of students of the FSR and FLSH
    -CID in April, in favor of students of FLSH
    -ARTCO - April in favor of students of the FSR.
  • Organization of  meeting university-business by theme of  research:
    - Seminar on « technologies production specific in Morocco between renewable energy production and energetic efficiency,» June 28, 2012.
    - Seminar on «materials, chemistry, physics and industrial processes», 2013.
    - Seminar on «Water, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development», 2013.
    - Seminar on « biotechnology, health and food, » 2013.
    - Seminar on «ICT and Applied Mathematics » 2013.
  • Signature and follow up of partnership agreements with the socio -economic world, 2012.
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